Elegance and performance are the key words in the creation of the Louison Bobet collection.
With the stated aim of combining a careful selection of fabrics and attention to cut. For both high performance and appearance,
in designs that highlight look, style and safety.

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La marque

Louison Bobet, cycling elegance and beyond.

Provide extra something to feel good and beautiful on a bike,
always with an eye for detail and the use of noble materials.
Clean lines, technicality mixed with elegance, this is the Louison Bobet style.

Inspired by history, driven by innovation.



The bike is an on-going lesson in humility.


The beginnings of a new brand owe much to encounters and to share values. The renewal of the Louison Bobet Brand brings together in one great adventure people of any age who love cycling, and who have decided to provide an exclusive new offer proudly claiming charm "à la française".

News coverage



Never in the trend, always in the right direction.
Discover our inspirations & our brand experience stories through episodic review of various and varied articles.

Some have marked the history of our sport, others have lauded the winners of the greatest champions. [Re] Discover how velodromes have changed the sport forever…


Let's share some of our inspirations with CURVES, a beautiful journey in the famous Alpes pass that will delight any routes enthusiast ...


Because cycling culture is also alive through words. Invitation to discover the book of Olivier Haralambon, inspired amateur cyclist that Louison Bobet's team likes to read ...


There are cycling initiatives that inspire and invite for discovery and adventure. Chilkoot is one of them. Focus on this French initiative inspired by the great outdoor adventures ...


63 years after Solingen. 20 years after San Sebastian, the Road Cycling World Championships took place this weekend in Norway in Bergen, a port city with a blue tint ...


The Essentials collection for Woman has taken off for a few weeks and already some testimonials of satisfaction or gesture attention reach us. Here's Mauve's aka "Marcelin Biclou"!


Summer 2017, 5 French riders from the west coast decide to cross the Pyrenean passes in 1 week. A bike story but not only. Discover the story of their adventure...


With Louison Bobet, we welcome you to the life of the cyclist that approches the world with elegance, throughout a thorough selection of fine garments to practice the sport, and beyond.


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I actually wore the SOLINGEN 54 jersey for the first ride a week ago and I was absolutely blown away by its comfort and feel.

A. Leddin - CYCLE EXIF

Louison Bobet, a legendary champion of the 50s which now gives its name to a new brand of cycling clothing of rare elegance.


Louison Bobet, the plume of legend.


Louison Bobet, the charm of sound values.

L. Dombrowicz  - CITIZENK

Provide extra something to always feel good and beautiful with an eye for detail and the use of noble materials. Graphics seams technicality mixed with elegance, this is the Louison Bobet style.

Louison Bobet, the new brand for stylish cyclists!


Louison Bobet, dress the Legend!

Juillet 2015 - TOP VELO

Wishing you all the success you deserve for this wonderful adventure – for me, the Louison Bobet brand is a guarantee of elegance. I’ll be wearing these new cycling clothes in town and on the road as soon as I can.

I still have wonderful memories of my Breton childhood and frequent visits to the baker’s in Saint Méen le Grand. It’s a long time ago now but I’ve forgotten nothing.

Louison and his brother Jean are in my thoughts.

With my best and most faithful wishes.

Putting on a jersey that recalls such great cycling moments and also carries the name of Louison Bobet is a fabulous opportunity. The creation of this new brand is great news for bike lovers who are also looking for elegance and technical advances in cycle wear. A big welcome to the return of panache in the world of cycling!

P. Labardant  - GRAVILLON.NET