SOLINGEN 54 - Short Sleeves Merino Jersey


The double-band, doubly memorable jersey

The SOLINGEN 54 is a specific reference to traditional national and world champion jerseys, with a new contemporary look. Double gros-grain elasticribbon trim replaces the usual fabric strips, and it comes in a choice of seven combinations, all winners’ colours.

7 colours:

  • Snow
  • Ebony grey
  • Dress blue
  • York yellow
  • Pale blue
  • Topaz
  • Skyway

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SOLINGEN 54 - Short Sleeves Merino Jersey

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Full description

The SOLINGEN 54 is a short-sleeved 100% sports cycling jersey in double jersey merino wool. It combines all the advantages of merino wool (a soft and comfortable moisture-regulating, breathing fabric) with cationic polyester (hard-wearing fibres and breathability)

The bi-component fabric goes beyond the soft to-the-touch easy-to-wear comfort of merino wool, and meets the surge of interest in «noble» materials. By selecting this particular fabric and knit, we have produced a garment that brings an added extra to moisture management. You’ll feel the difference when you wear it.

The two bands in stretch gros-grain ribbon trim on the chest of the jersey recalls the year 1954, when Louison won both the Tour de France, and the World Championship in Solingen, Germany.

The shoulder line kept on the shoulder section and the two side panels that also form underarms gussets give it a special appearance that echoes the designs of that time yet add a mark of sportsmanship and a thoroughly modern elegance.


  • Front zip with built-in concealer in collar 
  • Shoulder line on shoulder section
  • Duo of horizontal bands in ergonomic gros-grain ribbon trim 
  • Side panels form underarms gussets 
  • Support cord concealed at waistline 
  • Key pocket, invisible zip on right side 
  • Pump pocket at rear 
  • Three «large volume» rear pockets 
  • Stretch silicone non-slip inside band 
  • Central lower back reflective band 
  • Brand sign embroidered on chest 
  • «Louison Bobet» embroidery
  • Made in Italy


  • Blended knit: 54% polyester - 46% merino wool*
  • Reinforced support band: 73% polyester - 27% polyurethane

*Mulesing Free Certify


  • Machine wash at 30°C
  • Use delicate wash cycle
  • Wash with similar colours 
  • Do not use whitening agents 
  • Do not machine dry 
  • Cool iron 
  • Do not dry clean

Why merino wool?

Merino is light, natural and soft against the skin. It will partner you on your bike rides whatever the weather or situation. Its insulation and breathability, together with its original antibacterial qualities, considerably reduce unpleasant sweat-related body odour, making it a pleasure for riding and a pleasure to wear. 

Louison Bobet® jerseys use an exclusive and innovative knitdouble jersey, manufactured in one of only two companies in Europe licensed by Woolmark®. A fabric that makes the jersey one of a kind in its category – and you’ll feel the difference when you wear it.

Why double jersey?

An exclusive, high performance two-component, the innovative knit effortlessly combines the qualities of merino wool with those of synthetic fabrics, with an inner layer of wool, soft to the touch and with its own intrinsic qualities, and a silky yet highly resistant polyester outer layer

Sizes guide

The SOLINGEN 54 jersey must be worn «close to the body» in contact with the skin, to fully benefit from the qualities of fine merino wool. We advise you to refer to the following table to make the right choice:

  • Shoulder line: measured distance arm falling between each outer end of the bones of your shoulders.
  • Chest circumference: distance taken around the body at the height of the chest.
  • Arm length: measured distance arm falling between the shoulder bone and the wrist bone.

In case you are between two sizes or you prefer a more confortable feeling, we suggest you to opt for the larger size.

I actually wore the SOLINGEN 54 jersey for the first ride a week ago and I was absolutely blown away by its comfort and feel.


Marque française, hommage à Louison, beau design, il n’en fallait pas plus pour que nous tombions sous le charme. Les maillots sont magnifiques, mélange de mérinos et de polyester. Très confortables, ils n’en sont pas moins sportifs. Et c’est beau... Qui a dit que les vêtements cyclistes étaient ringards ? Nous, on adore.


Nous roulons avec leurs produits depuis maintenant 9 mois et nous pouvons vous garantir que la marque maîtrise les matières, et notamment le mérinos, comme très peu savent le faire. Finis les chocs thermiques, les ascensions en surchauffe et les descentes avec la sueur qui vous glace. Les maillots LB ont révolutionné notre façon de rouler - à ce stade on peut réellement parler d’innovation - sans être transformé en panneau publicitaire.


Louison Bobet, un champion mythique des années 50 qui donne désormais son nom à une nouvelle marque de vêtements cyclistes d’une rare élégance.


Réalisé en laine mérinos, le maillot procure grâce à ses propriétés une bonne respiration, une régulation de la transpiration et un confort certain.


Le maillot est bien slim et tombe parfaitement.


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