LETOUQUET 74 - Fine knit Merino Cardigan


The smart cardigan

LETOUQUET 74 is a smart cardigan with a few essential references to cycling. Its low-key subtlety and the softness of 100% flecked grey merino wool are highlighted with touches of electric blue in just the right places - the perfect gentleman’s garment.

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LETOUQUET 74 - Fine knit Merino Cardigan


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Full description

LETOUQUET 74 is a fine knit cardigan in 100% New Zealand merino wool. It can be worn over a shirt or tee-shirt. The knit design is a reference to the cut of the cardigans worn by racing cyclists, with ribbed edge on the waistline, under the collar and at each side. The fold-back turtleneck covers the whole neck.

A lightweight blend with a fine contrasting electric blue band on the sleeves subtly underlines the Louison Bobet style.

Cycling comfort is taken care of with three discreet details. A zip with double sliders opens the cardigan downwards or upwards for comfort of choice. Small slits in the sleeve hems to slip in thumbs and stretch sleeves, and light perforations in the armpits and rear collar, all allow natural ventilation when riding.

In town, it was in Le Touquet that Louison Bobet participated in setting up the Institute of Thalassotherapy directly inspired by the Quiberon centre he had opened ten years earlier. An avenue in the town bears his name in homage.


  • Fine knit
  • Double slider zip 
  • Turtle neck 
  • Adjusted ribbed hem 
  • Perforations in armpits and rear collar 
  • Extendable sleeve hem 
  • Thumb-slits in sleeve hems 
  • Made in Italy


  • 100% New Zealand merino wool


  • Gentle hand wash 
  • Dry clean perchchloroethylene
  • Cool iron 
  • Do not use whitening agents 
  • Dry flat
  • Do not machine dry


LETOUQUET 74 in 100% New Zealand merino wool guarantees excellent heat regulation and lasting wear.

Merino wool of the highest quality is a native of New Zealand.

Underarm and side ribbing accentuate the cardigan’s adjustability, highlighting in design and cut its sporting identity.

It marks by cutting its lines of clothing sporting identity.

The cardigan’s small thumb-slits in sleeve hems and the double zip sliders to adjust opening are the garment’s discreet signs of the cyclist.

The garment’s natural ventilation is optimised by light perforations in the armpits and at rear of collar.

Sizes guide

After taking your dimensions, refer to the following table to make the right choice:

  • Shoulder line: measured distance arm falling between each outer end of the bones of your shoulders.
  • Chest circumference: distance taken around the body at the height of the chest.
  • Arm length: measured distance arm falling between the shoulder bone and the wrist bone.

Louison Bobet, le charme des valeurs sûres.


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