PORTICCIO 69 - Fine Knit Merino Pullover


The fine knit pullover

PORTICCIO 69 is a lightweight pullover designed to look like an elegant long-sleeved cycling jersey to highlight perfectly its sport-chic character.

2 colours:

  • Clear blue
  • Blue electric

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PORTICCIO 69 - Fine Knit Merino Pullover


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Full description

PORTICCIO 69 is a fine knit cardigan in 100% New Zealand merino wool. Like LETOUQUET 74, it can be worn over a shirt or a tee-shirt. You can change the look with the fine zip at the neckline: collar open, relaxed and airy; collar closed or pulled up high to keep the neck warm during cooler summer evenings.

The use of the contrasting band around the chest is a clear reference to the aesthetics of former cycling jerseys. It highlights the main colour and underlines the brand label in the Louison Bobet design.


  • Fine knit 
  • Single-slider zip at collar 
  • Adjusted ribbing
  • Perforations in armpits and rear collar 
  • Collar
  • Stretch folding sleeve hem 
  • Thumb slits in sleeve hems 
  • Made in Italy


  • 100% New Zealand merino wool


  • Gentle hand wash 
  • Dry clean perchchloroethylene
  • Cool iron 
  • No whitening agents 
  • Dry flat
  • Do not machine dry


PORTICCIO 69, in 100% New Zealand merino wool, guarantees excellent heat regulation and lasting wear in optimum comfort with its high quality soft lightweight knit.

Merino wool of the highest quality is a native of New Zealand.

Like LETOUQUET 74, the cut of the PORTICCIO 69 has been designed to offer a body-fit garment that is a pleasure to wear.

It marks by cutting its lines of clothing sporting identity.

The cardigan’s small thumb-slits in sleeve hems as well as natural ventilation optimised by light perforations in the armpits and at rear of collar are the garment’s discreet signs of the cyclist.

The garment’s natural ventilation is optimised by light perforations in the armpits and at rear of collar.

Sizes guide

After taking your dimensions, refer to the following table to make the right choice:

  • Shoulder line: measured distance arm falling between each outer end of the bones of your shoulders.
  • Chest circumference: distance taken around the body at the height of the chest.
  • Arm length: measured distance arm falling between the shoulder bone and the wrist bone.

Louison Bobet, la nouvelle marque pour cyclistes stylés.


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