VOLUPTÉ 800ML - Soft Cap Bidon



Our transparent 800ml bidon

True companion, VOLUPTÉ’s bidon, addition to its functional features, highlights this rare and delicate moment that evokes by name. This intimate and ephemeral moment. This combination of speed and ease, strength and grace. This feeling of flying!

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VOLUPTÉ 800ML - Soft Cap Bidon

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Made in France, polypropylene, our container provides a flexible solution and odor for all your bike rides.

With an ergonomic grip, its flexible material facilitates hydration.

The soft teat ensure a pleasant mouthfeel.

  • Material: polypropylene
  • Colour: transparent
  • Cover: soft-cap screw
  • Height: 229mm
  • Weight: 87gr
  • Contents: 800ml / 27oz

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