QUIBERON 64 - Hybrid Raincoat Schoeller™


The hybrid coat: raincoat elegance and poncho efficiency

The QUIBERON 64 is for urban cyclists who want to stay elegant in all weathers, including when cycling in the rain. Our refined raincoat, in Schoeller R 3-layer fine wool fabric with waterproof inner membrane, converts instantly into a poncho for complete protection.

Available in Grey melange

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QUIBERON 64 - Hybrid Raincoat Schoeller™

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Full description

The QUIBERON 64 hybrid garment is the innovative solution for those who have chosen to live in the city in cycling mode.

Its contemporary cut and intelligent fabric make it an indispensable item in a wardrobe, worn over a jacket or more informally, a pullover.

The QUIBERON 64 draws attention with its elegance and unique versatility. A stylish, well-dressed windproof raincoat, the QUIBERON 64 converts instantly for a bike journey through the rain. Side zips open the two roomy gussets for complete comfort and full leg protection while cycling. Side vents allow easy access to handlebars, and hands can safely be slipped out then back again when signalling changes of direction during journeys. Once you reach your destination, the QUIBERON 64 regains its shape immediately. Simply close the zips, and you’re back in a smart city garment. 

The elastic thumb loops that hold sleeves in place when riding, the specially designed hood that protects the head and adapts to turns without impeding vision, are both examples of the unique ergonomic qualities of the hybrid-coat.

A remote zip allows the collar to be undone using just one hand. The Schoeller C-change fabric combines performances: stretch, water- and windproof but fully breathable, its membrane adapts to weather conditions and body temperature.

Safety is ensured with reflective pieces (cords, edging at the lower edges of the gussets, piping at rear and on pockets) that highlight the tailoring of the hybrid coat. Buttons, pocket flaps and sealed, waterproof seams denote the careful finish.

The QUIBERON 64 is an allusion to the incomparable style of Louison who, once off his bike – even in the worst of moments – would immediately pull on his beige trench coat and sunglasses. The champion made a point of remaining elegant at all times.



  • Tailoring 3-layer Schoeller C-change™
  • Impermeable and water-repellent 
  • Waterproof: +10 000 ml in water column
  • Sealed waterproof seams
  • Fine wool outer layer
  • Membrane C-change™: wind- and waterproof, breathable, auto-convertible
  • 2 side gussets, 1 rear gusset
  • Ergonomic hood and adjustable cord with tankas
  • Button-adjustable kimono sleeves (4 positions)
  • 1 inside and 2 outside pockets
  • Elastic anchor loops in sleeves
  • Remote zip for rapid collar opening
  • Waterproof collar and pocket zips
  • Side zips set into waterproof fabric
  • Reflective black piping on pockets and martingale
  • Silver reflective edging on gussets
  • Underarm aeration eyelets
  • Interior transfer of brand message
  • Made in France


  • 59% wool - 27% polyurethane - 12% polyester - 2% elastane


  • Delicate hand wash
  • Do not machine wash
  • Do not machine dry


In both Grey melange and Sodalite blue, the stretch Schoeller C-change fabric is breathable and water-repellent. Its special wind- and water-resistant membrane reacts spontaneously to variations in temperature and physical activity.

Like pine cones, it closes when subjected to cold and opens immediately with any rise in temperature, adapting to both external and body moisture.

The QUIBERON 64 owes its efficiency to its guaranteed completely watertight structure. The pieces are put together with sealed waterproof seams.

Zips are waterproof or set into waterproof fabric, including the big side zips that open out to transform the QUIBERON 64. The deep flap over the buttons is a complete barrier against water.

The edgings perfectly placed on the lower back and sides, and piping on sleeves and pockets, in reflective fabrics, pick up all available light when caught in car headlights.

All you need to make yourself visible in rain and bad light.

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Apporter un supplément d’âme pour se sentir bien et beau avec toujours un souci du détail et l’utilisation de matières nobles. Des coutures graphiques, de la technicité mêlée à de l'élégance, voilà le style Louison Bobet.

Chic en toutes circonstances.


Louison Bobet nous fait chanter sous la pluie.


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