11 janvier 2019

Demand the enjoyment. We do


At LOUISON BOBET™, we don’t believe in everything in moderation. From day one, our mission was to convey to as many people as possible the depth of the emotions of our high quality clothes and unique style inspired by a cycling-chic spirit. By constantly striving to choose innovative and revolutionary fabrics, we have been able to offer you ultimate technology dominated by unique aesthetic.

Our claim "Riding With Panache" is our leitmotif. Ride with elegance whether through appearance and attitude. Assume some risk taking even if you have to face it. Behave with dignity and good manners, on the bike and beyond. Just like what characterizes the great French champion of the 50s, whose values ​​and name we proudly wear. Because yes, our project is authentic. Since beyond the worship of memory, our brand has a soul and not least.

Discover the heart of the brand

More than three years of research and development were needed to fuel life into our two collections. The result is a truly exceptional sensation that surpasses all scores and that do not go out of fashion: a chic design tailor-made by Parisian fashion designers as a real exclusivity in the International Cycling Wear Market, and the ultimate fabrics that guarantee exceptional thermal comfort and multiple use on a bike and beyond, proudly made in Europe.

Because our clothes and our equipment are not locked in a function. Because they all meet our desire to combine sport and chic, in all circumstances, you are free to use them as you see fit (city, road, gravel, ultra) and match them with what you like, sometimes sport, sometimes chic, in the effort as with pleasure, you will always look smart, and will be able to live the light spirit, always well, with a french « je ne sais quoi ».


Wishing you an excellent year 2019 !

A bientôt,


Vincent, Olivier, Mayuri, Corinne, François-Xavier et Benjamin

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