5 octobre 2018



As we all discover sooner or later, the choice of equipment for autumn and winter cycling can be a bit of a brainteaser. Should you put on just one, or several layers? If so, which ones? How do you deal with weather conditions that can vary by 10° within hours? 

The aim of this article is to give you more information about other people’s practical experience of layered clothing and how it works, with particular focus on the advantages ofLouison Bobet™ equipment.


Outdoor sports are often the most demanding in terms of personal equipment, as this influences the way we enjoy the effort involved and thus our performance. For some years, the accepted wisdom for any outside sport in colder weather conditions has been the three-layer system. Whether for hiking, trail running or cycling, it works by combining up to three separate complementary layers depending on the weather:

  • A first absorbent layer in direct contact with the skin to keep you dry
  • A second insulating layer to keep you warm
  • A third protective layer to protect you from the elements 


With an eye on developments in textile techniques over the past five years, and with our own experience and needs, we’ve made a point of working to offer a coherent series of garments that aim to limit or combine the number of layers.

We’ve done this for two main reasons:

- The first is functional. The aim of reducing layers without sacrificing performance and functionality should be to simplify the outfit, avoid the feeling of being overloaded with clothing, and enhance effort.

- The second is practical. By developing technical garments with much greater polyvalence, we can simplify cycling equipment. It’s a way of reducing consumption by buying only the most essential items, and avoiding those that merely take up space in the wardrobe. “Less is more.”

So it’s with an eye on polyvalence and adaptability that we came up with the design of the pieces in our collections. A unique specialty focused on their ability to cover and insulate while maintaining breathability and thermal control, whether the garments are worn as a single layer or as one of several. 

Customer feedback:

OLIVIER COLOMBE – Customer - June 2018

“I finally managed to get out on a few rides wearing my new VARS 50 jersey. The texture is so soft and pleasant that you simply forget you’re wearing it, and the cut is just right[...].It was quite hot in June this year, and I was worried that I’d be cooked in the Merino wool. I was wrong – the wool regulated the temperature perfectly, allowing perspiration to escape completely. I was able to climb a few Pyrenean passes and the jersey was incomparable in responding to temperature variations between the summit and the base.[...]When I arrived, the cocktail of sweat and an improvised shower could have left me with all the fragrance of a billy goat in the changing rooms, but even then, I was pleasantly surprised that the odour of the jersey was quite neutral. So, nothing but good even in hot - in fact very hot – weather. I’m really pleased I bought it, and wouldn’t go back to wearing my old polyester/elasthane –which isn’t nearly as well cut anyway.” 


PHILIPPE PIQUEMAL – Customer - September 2018

“I rode in the Born to Ride with my VARS 50 – over 1,100 km in four days, and I felt good in it as I arrived at finishing line without smelling like a herd of billy goats.” 


PIERRE HEMPTINNE – Customer - October 2018
“ I ride in all seasons. On my first ride wearing the VARS 50 ML jersey, I covered a hundred kilometers in chilly weather, with the base layer underneath. It lives up to all the promises.”


Whether you already know the brand or are discovering it for the first time, you’ll find our “all-seasons” jerseys in the Essentiels range. They’re made using our exclusive Double Jersey™, with its unequalled performance in terms of:

  • comfort > the softness of Merino wool in direct skin contact 
  • thermal control > so you always stay cool and fresh 
  • moisture management > moisture-resistant merino wool allows perspiration to escape, so the jersey always stays dry and efficient 
  • pleasure > with its unique, naturally anti-bacterial qualities, merino wool never smells, even when you perspire.

After three years of development and use, our Double Jersey™ with its unique thermal control has converted thousands of fans throughout the world. It can be used as base or second layer depending on weather conditions and the effort involved. 

So here are our suggestions for three winning combinations for you to try out in the course of the year:




Weather forecast: sunny or cloudy 

Temperature: 15 to 30°C

Main garment: the short-sleeved jersey, over ten models in a range of colour choices 

Additional garments:

The advantage of this combination is that it can be worn during the summer season from May to September. In this case, the Essentials Double Jersey™ jersey becomes the baselayer and second layer. It will keep you dry and at the right temperature, with the merino wool providing natural, efficient thermal control. 

And a soon as the temperature falls below 15°C, the SANREMO 51 arm warmers and the BÉDÉE 43 base layer offer the necessary warm extra layer to fend off the cold: for chilly early morning rides or return rides that continue into the night, and for the heat and chill of mountain climates …

Our suggestions:

> from June to August – when it’s really hot: The sensation of warmth when you first put on your Essential jersey is nothing to worry about - it’ll disappear the minute you begin to ride. That’s pretty cool. 

> during the mid-season – when the temperature starts to fall by a few degrees: don’t worry about that chilly start, with or without the base layer under your jersey. You’ll forget it as soon as your body warms up (in 5 to10 minutes), with the effect of the Double Jersey™ thermal control and merino wool in contact with the skin. 




Weather forecast: no rain 

Temperature: 10° to 20°C

Main garment: Essentials VARS 50 ML long sleeve jersey

Additional garments:

For the mid-seasons (spring and autumn), you’ll need the long sleeve VARS 50 ML jersey. It’s the convincing and efficient solution to all those decisions when you’re faced with 5 to 10° changes in temperature in the course of a ride > read an article about this HERE 

It can be worn with the merino wool base layer BÉDÉE 43 if the temperatures forecast for the day are set to remain on the cool side, or even cold (from 8 to 15°C).

So no need to worry, our Double Jersey™ jerseys are the ultra polyvalent answer that will regulate body temperature even during wide temperature variations. If it’s hot, the jersey will keep you cool and dry. And if it’s cold, it’ll keep you at the right temperature even when wet. This key point has been confirmed by the very positive feedback we’ve received from our journalist friends and/or customers.




Weather forecast: wintery 

Temperature: 0 to 10°C

Main garment:

- No wind or rain > from 5 to 10°C > Essentials GRAMMONT 55 long sleeve jersey

- In wind and rain > from 5°C > SAINTMALO 48 softshell jacket 

Additional garments:

The long sleeve GRAMMONT 55 jersey in thicker, fleecy merino wool and polyester fabric is the perfect, completely breathable solution for thermal comfort and ideal flexibility during cold weather effort. And when the wind picks up, remember to add an outer wind-proof waist-jacket or jacket to protect the torso.

The SAINTMALO 48 softshell jacket incorporates a three-layer fabric for perfectly breathable protection. Combined with a base layer and/or an Essentials Double Jersey™, it will insulate you in extreme cold and adverse weather conditions, in wind or passing rain showers.

Depending on the weather, these two main garments can be combined perfectly with one or two baselayers:

- At around 10°C, in cool fresh weather, choose the BÉDÉE 43 base layer (short or long sleeve). Worn alone in direct skin contact as a base layer, it’ll be enough to keep you dry and warm.  

- At around 0°C and below, in very cold weather or in adverse weather conditions (wind and rain) wear the BÉDÉE 43 base layer (short or long sleeve) under your SAINTMALO 48 jacket. Our most successful combination for withstanding the most difficult of winter conditions.


The comfort and functionality of the LOUISON BOBET™ Essentiels range of garments will enable you to save your energy while providing morale-boosting comfort, whatever the weather, all year round. A great help in the long-term and in moments of adversity, and to ensure that every one of your rides is a success. As you’ll see when you wear them…

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