14 septembre 2018



For many years, the German brand of large, comfortable sedan cars has forged a reputation for incomparable resistance and reliability. Who hasn’t been surprised at the sight of one of their star models, gleaming and impeccable, purring along like clockwork with well over 150,000 miles on the clock. This is precisely the same element of happy surprise that we felt when we saw Victor, Louison Bobet’s ambassador, in his Saint Brieuc 48.

Surprise? Yes, for even though we may have perfect confidence in the quality of our products, we also know that Victor has put his bib short through a punishing endurance test – over 16,000 miles on a Brooks Cambium. Victor is an awesome rider. He knocks back the miles the way others sink into the sofa downing beers in front of the TV. No moderation here, he rides, rides and rides. Training for over 120 miles a day. For whole days during the Transcontinental Tour de France. And always in comfort. So much so that on arriving at the finish of his daily stage, he’s forgotten the Saint Brieuc 48 and is in no great rush to take it off.

It was the same last summer, through the day and into the night, for days and nights. Victor and Sina rode magnificently across Europe during the TCR. Almost 3,000 miles in fifteen days, in all weathers – wind, rain and intense heat. Always in his Saint Brieuc and always in comfort.

And now, the Saint Brieuc? It’s still looking good as new. The outside mesh layer and the straps are still just as white and still allow perspiration to escape just as efficiently. The fabric at the rear and the thighs still hugs the body.

It has resisted the abrasive surface of the Cambium magnificently. The seams are just as solid, and the black reflective transfer is still in place. And the insert still offers the same capacity to gently absorb micro-vibrations and bumps on the road.

In short, it works like clockwork. And then? After a brief examination, he’s off again on the great escapade.


Photos: Victor Decouard / Sina Dewitte

Tour de France Randonneur - Transcontinental Race

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