5 juin 2018

Time by Louison Bobet™


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Inspired by our shared ambition for cycling, that takes us into superlatives on the subject of its beauty and efficiency, and founded in equal measure on specific French savoir-faire, TIME and Louison Bobet™ have decided to collaborate on a unique and exclusive 2018 collection of beautiful pieces «à la française» for all our impassioned enthusiasts.

The French brand Time has been a key figure both nationally internationally for its leading edge technical savoir-faire, founded on the mastery of clean technologies, developing and manufacturing in France frames, forks and innovative accessories for exceptionally efficient bikes.

Paolo Bettini was crowned Olympic champion on a TIME bike, as was Tom Boonen world champion a few years later. Time remains one of the rare European masters of carbon, offering high-performance yet comfortable lightweight bikes with an updated, classy design, able to take on the most demanding of cycling performance.

Performance and elegance have been the key words of the Louison Bobet project since its 2015 launch. It carries with pride the heritage of the great cycling world champion and several times winner in the Tour de France, and the unchangeable values of the golden age of French cycling, spearheaded by panache and elegance.

With a unique interpretation of modern cycling apparel, Louison Bobet offers a distinctive approach, in which pleasure and effort are combined, where style and beauty are the counterpoint to high performance and technical sophistication. An approach to cycling that is less merely a sport or the freedom to get out and about, and more a French lifestyle statement.

Using tried and tested models and unique materials, Louison Bobet has designed three Time by Louison Bobet™ outfits, intended to complete the equipment held by the models France, Ulteam and Racing:

- Tenue FRANCE -


Discreet echo of the triple colour flag in the Double Jersey™ Merino wool BRIANÇON 53 France jersey, to go with the SAINTBRIEUC 48 TIME bib short, in uniquely comfortable LaFonte chamois leather. A winning duo for those looking for comfort and high performance on long or short journeys.

Price: 135€

Sizes: S, M, L and XL

- Tenue ULTEAM -


A subtle teaming of grey, black, silver and white for this Double Jersey™ Merino wool BRIANÇON 53 ULTEAM jersey, that goes with the all-purpose SAINTBRIEUC 48 TIME sport bib short.

Price: 135€

Sizes: S, M, L and XL

- Tenue RACING -


Mainly blue with a touch of red and white for the deceptively lightweight CIPALE 46 RACING jersey, that goes with the dedicated BUFFALO 47 RACING bib short, specifically studied and produced for demanding and competitive cyclists.

Price: 170€

Sizes: S, M, L and XL


TIME by Louison Bobet™

An exclusive limited collection on for sale only from TIME



Informations & sells:

TIME SPORT - 725 rue Aristide Berges 38340 Voreppe FRANCE

Telephone : 0800944332

Email: contactinfo@time-sport.com


Photos: Christophe Margot

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