Technical dimension


The Louison Bobet collection is steadily becoming a consistent and complementary range of intelligent yet elegant garments that will serve you well whatever the weather. We look for efficiency and comfort throughout the initial concept and development of the designs: choice of fabrics, ergonomic cut, validation of practicality and design precision. Demonstration in 4 examples.

Double Jersey Merino™ wool: a rather surprising experience

All the «Essential» jerseys in the Performance range contain our double jersey Merino, a unique double jersey knit that offers unequalled performance in comfort (merino wool softness in direct contact with the skin), temperature control (protects from both heat and cold), and moisture management (hydrophobic wool releases perspiration through the polyester layer, leaving the skin completely dry). Add to this the naturally antibacterial properties of pure wool: despite perspiration, the jersey remains odour-free.


Oxygen: light support

For the Criterium range, we use the most advanced warp and weft fabric on the market, manufactured in France by a specialist in technical fabric made for high-level competitive cycling. The exceptional performance of three-dimensional bi-elasticity makes for excellent dynamic results, and tension resistance for a sensation of incomparably light support. Ultra-fast drying and high breathability are perfect for heading into the summer heat.

Quiberon 64: the essence of well-honed technique

To look at, it’s a chic rain mac. The top layer of the Quiberon is in pure, fine wool that echoes classic super 100 fine quality wool suit fabric. But it’s also highly resistant to wind, rain and cold, while remaining effortlessly elegant, and its breathability means you’ll never feel stifled. The secret is the C-Change membrane, created by Schoeller, the Swiss expert in technical fabrics. It’s also the discreet bias-cut reflective bands, the sealed visible seams and aqua-gard zips. It’s a simple idea: staying ahead with elegance.

A neat and attentive design

Whether for men’s or women’s collections, each garment design finds its originality and specificity in ergonomic cuts perfectly adjusted to feminine and masculine silhouettes and in the innovation so dear to the brand. As proof, Paris 58, our women’s shorts offering a bib / straps set specifically designed to suit ladies anxious to finally find a really functional and feminine shorts.


The elegance, the quality of the materials and the excellence of the fabrications forge the reputation of the models of our collections. The Louison Bobet collections are for all those who want to wear a new style and enjoy exceptional performance. Put on our clothes and feel the difference…


«LIFESTYLE» collection offers an assortment

of stylish clothes to wear every day,

both for cycling and beyond


The so-called «PERFORMANCE» collections are aimed to all cycling enthusiasts whether they are cyclo-tourists, cyclo-pleasures or cyclo-athletes